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Image by Stephanie McCabe

A Digital Dinner

CORE have teamed up with Will's Kitchen to explore communication in a digital world. You will be guided through the process of preparing and cooking a three-course meal, in nature and utilising a digital platform.

Suitable for everyone, ideal for smaller groups.

Location - Vara. Alternatively speak to us about your preferred location.

Approximately 2 hours.

600 sek per person (Min. group size 4).

What to expect

A Digital Dinner has been developed around our leadership framework, primarily Communicating With Purpose.  You will be working in pairs, near your cooking pit and with all the tools and ingredients required to create your three-course meal.


The menu is Scandinavian inspired but not typically what you would imagine cooking on an open fire; you will be competing against the other teams to create the best dish with the same instructions from Will.

Reflective periods will explore how your team can best achieve postive outcomes when we work across a global and digital landscape, and the evening offers a chance to unwind and enjoy the company and nature.

To book simply complete the contact form below and we will call you to chat through your event.

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