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A Fire for a Feast

Enjoy an evening, working as a team to create the fire you will cook over.  A fire and a feast is a perfect way to reflect on the past year and gain inspiration for the future.


Suitable for all groups and ideal for a kick off or a great way to end your Möhippa.

Approximately 3 hours.

500 sek per person (Min group size 6).

What to expect

A Fire for a Feast has been developed around two elements of our leadership framework, communicating with purpose and celebrating failure.  The set up will vary depending on your group size and desire outcome but will involve exploration of methods to create fire using only the tools you are given - there will be elements of competition and a reflective period towards the end.  You team will be cooking their own food under our guidance, after which you  will have an evening or afternoon to relax as we serve desert and you enjoy the local drinks and maybe some specially crafted cocktails.

To book simply complete the contact form below and we will call you to chat through your event.

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