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A Digital Dinner

An exciting opportunity to explore leadership and communication across digital means.


CORE has teamed up with Will's Kitchen who have developed a Scandinavian inspired menu – all cooked in nature.


This challenge enhances team communication and ability to perform under pressure. A chance to reflect inspires confidence and growth for your business in the future.


Starting at 6500 sek (1-10 participants)

Thereafter 550 sek per person.

(Inkl. Moms)

Accommodation and travel not included.

Fresh Cooking
Image by Daniel Norris

What to Expect

The way in which we do business has changed, but how can we enhance our teams ability to communicate over digital platforms?

A 3 or 4 course meal awaits, your team arrives and receives a short introduction before donning aprons and starting to cook.

Everything you need is already set up and fires burning, follow the instructions from Will and soon your dinner will be ready.

Compete against another team, cooking the same course, or take a course each.

The instructions form part of the learning process, and the team reflection after is designed to enhance our understanding of success, or indeed failure.


Whether you want us to come to you, or you come to us, expect an outside cooking area and some shelter. 


We like to support our communities and try to utilise a local bygdegård in Vara.

A tented or inside dining area and conference facility will allow you the opportunity for a relaxed environment, or a place for your start of year meeting away from the elements, but be prepared for some outside cooking.

Talk to us and we will discuss your goals and objectives and find a location to suit.


Image by Anton

The CORE Framework

A Digital Dinner is all about Communicating with Purpose and Celebrating Failure.

Communicate with Purpose

Digital working erodes our ability to enhance our words with body language, subtle verbal cues and even simple tools such a pen and paper.  Through this experience we explore how to overcome this, and get our teams communicating with purpose.

Celebrate Failure

Learning by failure is enhanced through reflection, this experience is designed for both. 


Your team won't always get it right but the chance to reflect over your meal is the crucial step to success.

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