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A Fire for a Feast

A relaxed evening, learning about the art of fire and cooking up a feast.


The ultimate pride in creating fire is a dream of few but a core need for all, providing warmth and security.


Enhance your team’s performance, reflect on the past year and inspire for the future.


Starting at 5000 sek (1-10 participants)

Thereafter 480 sek per person.

(Inkl. Moms).

Accommodation and travel not included.

Image by green ant
Image by Jenelle Hayes

What to Expect

Getting the team together for an informal night of creativity.

A classic BBQ menu awaits you, all that is needed is the fire. In teams or individually you will be challenged to identify and describe the various methods available from the supplies infront of you.

Supported by our team, you will develop an understanding of how to present their ideas, and how to utilise a creative mindset.

The evening finishes with a BBQ feast, coffee and cheese.

Please note this is a team challenge event and not a bushcraft lesson.


Whether you want us to come to you, or you come to us, expect an outside cooking area and some shelter. 


We like to support our communities and try to utilise a local bygdegård in Vara.

A tented or inside dining area and conference facility will allow you the opportunity for a relaxed environment, or a place for your start of year meeting away from the elements, but be prepared for some outside cooking.

Talk to us and we will discuss your goals and objectives and find a location to suit.

Camp Fire at Night

The CORE Framework

A Fire for a Feast is all about Hunting the Implied and In Service Of.

Hunt the Implied

Creative thinking, and exploring an outcome in depth are qualities each team should aspire to. This challenge forms a good basis to understand how we can identify hidden tasks and outcomes from a simple mission statement.

In Service Of


A team without a leader has no direction, and a team without support will not reach its full potential. Work for each other to achieve a feast. 


The chance to reflect over a fire and feast sets the scene for team growth.

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