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Leadership Lecture Series

Take a lecture into the outdoors.

Following our uniques leadership framework, we provide a selection of tailored lectures  for you and your team.


Designed to enhance your teams understanding of leadership, and to challenge their own impact as leaders. 


This series is based off of Craig's personal experience and framework, to seek Autonomy of the Team.

Contact us for pricing options.

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What to Expect

These events are tailored to you, and we will discuss your requirements in depth.

Experiential learning through small outdoor activities, self reflection and debate.

Expect to be challenged on your own impact as a leader in these enjoyable, relaxed and informative lectures.


We like to support our communities and try to utilise a local bygdegård in Vara. We can also come to you, but require some outside space.

We will endeavour to remove ourselves from the conference rooms and office environment, to create a level playing field and neutral environment for everyone.

Talk to us and we will discuss your goals and objectives and find a location to suit.

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The CORE Framework

The Leadership Lecture Series is based around our unique leadership framework.  Depending on your needs we will focus on one or all of the areas.

Hunt the Implied.

Creative thinking, and exploring an outcome in depth are qualities each team should aspire to. We explore how to identify and exploit the depth of a single mission statement. Creating a shared vision and supporting the transition to intent based leadership.​

In Service of.

A team needs support and a leader needs to learn how to follow. Exploring the ideas of how a leader provides a vision and the tools to enhance trust and encourage growth.

Communicate With Purpose.

Reducing wasted time through concise communication, empathy and vision.  Explore how we communicate, and how to best achieve results when we fully understand the complex nature of communication. To create understanding and a shared vision.

Celebrate Failure

Change the way we view failure, if we never failed we would never learn. Explore how if we change our approach we enhance creative freedom engender trust and enhance understaing and growth.


Autonomy of Team


The core result in our framework, by considering all the aspects we strive to create a high performing, trusted and proactive team, achieving results from a single vision.

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