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Military Planning Workshop

The cross over between military planning techniques and your business are closer than you think and this challenge may be just what you are seeking!


By taking time to consider and translate military planning methods you will develop your teams ability to analyse and interpret information.

Create understand of their own capabilities, strengths and weakness in order to gain advantage over competitors.


Finally, write and bring mission statements to life before executing your plans to full effect.

  Contact us for pricing options.

Image by Leon
Forest in the Winter


Dependant on your requirements, we can come to you or establish a more remote and challenging environment to test these skills, what ever the weather.

We like to support our local communities, and try to utilise bygdegårdar, our local being in Vara.

Expect an inside area or conference facility, but be prepared for some outside activity.

Talk to us to discuss your preference, and we can find a location to suit.

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