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Image by Dan Dimmock

Planning Workshop - A Military Perspective

The cross over between military planning techniques and your business are closer than you think - this course may be just the key to unlocking your business success.


By taking time to consider and translate military planning methods you will develop your teams ability to analyse and interpret information, and create understanding of their own capabilities, strengths and weakness in order to gain advantage over competitors.

Suitable for everyone, ideal for smaller groups.

Location - Sweden / Norway

Approximately 6 hours.

1100 sek per person (Min. group size 4)


What to expect

Our planning workshop is developed around military planning principles, broken into question sets and stages.  Ideal for smaller teams and managers, you will follow a scenario based example where we will guide you through the process as you analyse and interpret information to guide you planning. 


We can run this at any location of your choice, and will start with an introduction on the basic format of the process, and start to explore the products of the plan.

Additional focus will be given to understanding and executing your company mission statement to full effect, creating a real life strategy for you to drive your business forwards.

Coffee and Fika will always be included, but why not talk to us about a catered event in Vara.

To book simply complete the contact form below and we will call you to chat through your event.

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